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All our Plant Displays are available for either rental or purchase.

When you order plants from Pettigrew Corporate Plants,  we always provide you with a top notch interior plant maintenance service

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The Office Plant Experts

As indoor plant and interior plant hire experts, our office plant services are now available in most cities throughout the United States.

First launched in Ireland 20 years ago, we are America’s premier supplier of interior plant displays for offices, hotels & banks. We offer the most comprehensive interior and office plant service available in the United States.

Buy Plants, Rent Plants or even Hire Plants for Conferences and Exhibitions - we are a one-stop-shop for all your interior plant and office plant needs. We have Ireland’s largest selection of Live Plants, Artificial Plants & Silk Plants suitable for every environment.


Plant Maintenance

Pettigrew Corporate Plants have achieved an excellent reputation for the high standard of our interior plant maintenance.




Pots & Planters

Since  every environment differs in both style and decor we carry a wide selection of Pots and Planters to suit every  interior landscaping environment.


Plants & Health

NASA Research has found that plants are very effective at removing airborne toxins that can be responsible for “sick building syndrome”!

Pettigrew Corporate Plants is a division of The Corporate Services Group

Health Surveys Could your home or office be making you sick?




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